5 de Mayo (Polish Days number 5)

Hi guys well I’ve wanted to do skulls and skeletons o my nails for quite a long time and I thought that as today in Mexico they celebrate ”El día de los muertos” today would be a great day to try this design.

DSC_0115 copia

Excuse my awkward hand pose but it was the only way to show the effect of this deisgn. I had seen nail art like this on the internet and it was time I tried it myself. To be honest I had just once done something like this that the two hands complement each other’s design so it’s not that bad for the first time.

So on my left hand I did the skull and the upper theeth

DSC_0120 copia

And on my right hand I did the lower theeth and the ribs

DSC_0119 copia

You will be wondering what did I do on my thumbs. Well I have also wanted to add a bit of color to my design and make it more fun, so on my thumb I did a cute sugar skull. The teeth came out a bit awkward but I really like how the colors in the eyes match and stand out over black and white.

DSC_0121 copia

These are all the colors I used for this design. It’s mainly black and white and then the colors of the little flowers on the eyes which I made with dotting tools of two different sizes.


Are any of you mexican? I would love to know what you think about my design and how you celebrate this day. I hope you like it and don’t forget to like, share and comment for any questions or suggestions. Keep tunned because I will be uploading tutorials on this design, yes on the three different things so you can do them yourselves for halloween or whenever you want. Happy polishing and happy 5 de Mayo for all the mexican people around here!

This design is also part of Polish Days by Polly Polish, the theme was five so 5 de Mayo it is. This is the first time I take part in the Polish Days and I will try to be more alert for the next one.



About Mireia Pavón Bayley

I'm Mireia an 18 year old girl that loves painting her nails. I enjoy nail art but I'm just a beginner. I'm a die-hard fan of Aerosmith and I love art and food, the big pleasures of life.
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20 Responses to 5 de Mayo (Polish Days number 5)

  1. Very cute! I especially like the candy sugar skull!

  2. thebubblybrunette says:

    Cute idea 🙂

  3. Piola says:

    Amazing mani: I love it!!!*___*

  4. Pearlyn says:

    Very nice! Love that both hands come together to complete the look!

  5. Chiro says:

    Oh my gooooooooooood these are SO CUTE and REALLY WELL DONE!!

  6. Aysh says:

    Haha! These are absolutely amaaaaaazing!

    Aysh xox

  7. Aby says:

    wow! i like it a lot! I like the sugar skull 🙂

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