Doctor Who!

Happy geek pride day guys!! I’ve been wanting to do Doctor Who nails for quite a while now. I started watching the show not that long ago and I’m already finishing season 5. It’s so addicting and it’s omg I love the show and everything it’s just oh well perfect! Today was the perfect day to get nerdy and do my Doctor nails!

I was planning on doing this design tomorrow, as I had just painted my nails yesterday, but I did a little sketching and planning to decide what I wanted to do on my nails and I was so excited to do them that I couldn’t wait to tomorrow. I’m totally in love with them! Any whovians around? What do you think?

DSC_0227 copia

It took me quite a long to decide what I was going to do on my nails, there’s so many things I could draw on them related to the show! But at the end I made up my mind and ended up with these things:


Thumb: Doctor Who logo over an orange galaxy
Index: Sonic Screwdriver
Middle: The Doctor
Ring: The Tardis
Pinky: a Dalek

I am so in love with my nails right now I think I might even keep them for like three days omg that must mean something don’t you think? hahaha. I’m sure I will be doing more Doctor Who nails, as I said there’s so many things I could paint lots of themes and characters… mmm I have some thinking to do, but after my exams…

DSC_0230 copia

Well I hope you like this awesome design, and if you haven’t watched Doctor Who… what are you waiting for?!? You will enjoy each and every second of it!

These are all the colors I used to do this mani. They are so many of them I had to divide them into two pictures. First picture is the colors I used for the galaxy on my thumb and the other picture is the colors I used for the rest of the nails:



Well lovelies, I hope you have an awesome day, celebrate your geekness and keep tunned because this week I will be doing another mani for the Deadly Sins Challenge! Don’t forget to share, like and comment if you have any questions or suggestions! Happy polishing and watch Doctor Who!

About Mireia Pavón Bayley

I'm Mireia an 18 year old girl that loves painting her nails. I enjoy nail art but I'm just a beginner. I'm a die-hard fan of Aerosmith and I love art and food, the big pleasures of life.
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3 Responses to Doctor Who!

  1. gnarlygnails says:


  2. Gorgeous. Now, paint some more Doctory stuff ; )

    My fav is the logo and oh of course the TARDIS : )

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