Pink Galaxy Earrings

Hey guys! Well as fellow nail addicts you know that feeling ” I want to paint my nails but I just painted my nails”. I was feeling like that yesterday and as I wanted to keep my mermaid nails a little bit more I decided to do these earrings. They were just a pair of purple earrings that I didn’t use so I painted them with black polish and did this simple pink galaxy design. What do you thinkg?

I still don’t know what I will do with them. I hardly ever change my earrings but I think these would look very cute. Or maybe I should keep them as a present for someone. I know this isn’t realated with my nails but I just wanted to show you all these little babies. If you want you can do them yourselves using my galaxy tutorial. You just need a pair of earrings and just be creative! Have a nice day lovelies.


About Mireia Pavón Bayley

I'm Mireia an 18 year old girl that loves painting her nails. I enjoy nail art but I'm just a beginner. I'm a die-hard fan of Aerosmith and I love art and food, the big pleasures of life.
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2 Responses to Pink Galaxy Earrings

  1. Adorable! Such a cool idea!

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