Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge – Day 9: Night Sky

Hello lovelies! I hope Monday isn’t beeing too hard on you all. My Mondays don’t suck as much when I have a new design for the NAGG Challenge to share with you. Today’s theme was night skies and I included a gradient in this mani! Me, doing a gradient!!! You can’t believe it either? Check it out!

As many of you know I’m not very good at gradients, I normally end up doing a big mess when I try this technique. However, I’ve read some tips and tutorials lately and I think I’m finally improving.

I was really happy to see this theme. It’s so wide and you can do so many things! I decided to do a landscape with some mountains over a gradient background, which turned OK. I added some nice shiney stars and a cute little moon that looks adorable. Don’t you think?

I like that this challenge is making me improve some of the skills I am worst at, like gradient of course. I am loving the themes and the ideas I come up with. They are so different from Lindsey’s but that shows how different people see different themes and make them their own. Keep checking what she does for each theme in the inlinkz below. Happy polishing!

About Mireia Pavón Bayley

I'm Mireia an 18 year old girl that loves painting her nails. I enjoy nail art but I'm just a beginner. I'm a die-hard fan of Aerosmith and I love art and food, the big pleasures of life.
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4 Responses to Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge – Day 9: Night Sky

  1. Kairi says:

    You’r gradient came out great and I love the design also. I just went for simple half moons for this theme 😛

  2. This, oddly, makes me think of the Three Magi…

    But I love it, and I bet it was awesome to wear this – looks like one of those manis : )

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