My Collection

My nail polish collecction isn’t as big as others around here but, counting that I started collecting polish not that long ago I’m quite proud with it. I have to say that my collection grows nearly every week. Who can resist entering the store and buying a few bottles of polish? So as my collection is in continuous change I have it in a Google Docs so I can update it everytime I add a new baby to it. You can find my collection here

I store my polishes in my room. I have three draws. I won’t post a picture of the first draw because now it’s a bit messy.

In the first draw I store my tools: nail art brushes, dotting tools, tops I use as a palette … Also I keep my nail care stuff like base coats, cuticle oil and top coats.


In my second draw I keep my Essence polishes, Catrice polishes and Sinful Colors. And also striping tape and glitters.


In the third draw I keep KIKO, Claries, Astor and other brands. And nailwheels I still haven’t used


To organize myself better I have this sistem to find my polishes easier. I have all my polishes swatched on these sticks and I have them labeled with the brand and name:


I store my swatch sticks in a little can I used for pencils. I also have some nailwheels with some of my designs. My favorite one is the galaxy nail wheel, which you probably know, and it’s the one with more designs.


4 Responses to My Collection

  1. I love your collection….great way to organize them too!!

    • Yes before I had them on a rack but they didn’t fit anymore so I bought this at a chinese shop just 18€ and then I bought the little boxes to classify them. It really works for me, I think it’s the only thing I’m really organized at, stashing my nailpolish

  2. Those colour sticks are BRILLIANT!
    I actually LIKE roaming through my colours looking for the right one, but your system is awesome : )

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