Nail Care

When you wear polish on your nails 24/7 taking care of them is really important to avoid staining and other problems. To take care of my nails I use these products mainly:


Pro-white Nail hardener by Essence: To keep my nails healthy and strong I use a nail hardener which also has a whitening effect. I use it as a base coat everytime I paint my nails. Since I started using this product my nails are stronger and they don’t look as stained.

TIP: What I also do from time to time if I see that my nails look a bit yellow is scrubing them with whitening tooth paste. It may sound weird but you just remove the polish from your nails and clean them, then you put some tooth paste on an old tooth brush and rub it onto your nails. After doing this for like two minutes rinse your nails with warm water. Wash your hands and put some hand cream on. It may not work for you, all types of nails are different but this helps me with my yellowness.

Protecting base coat by Essence: after applying my nail hardener I use a base coat to help seal in the design and protect my nails from staining.

Cuticle oil by Premier Dead Sea: I usually apply oil on my cuticles once a week when I do my nail care rutine. I’ts usually on Sundays when I take my polish off and let my babies breathe a bit. I totally remove nail polish on my nails, clean them and file them. After buffing my nails, which I do like every two weeks so they don’t get weak, that’s when I put some cuticle oil. Remember never cut your cuticles, push them down!

Hand cream by Premier Dead Sea: I use hand cream as many times as I can to keep my hands moisturized and smoothe. This cream is rich in minerals and natural plant extracts and special for nails. It improves flexibility of your nails and helps to reduce flaking and breakage.

You can find Premier Dead Sea products here

If you have any questions don’t hesitate on commenting and asking me!


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