Achromatic Leaves Pattern

Uuupps guys it’s been a while! Hello everybody, it’s been nearly a week I can’t believe it. I’m totally enjoying my last weeks of freedom before going back to uni and starting my new job as a teacher and I even neglected paiting my nails because of a break on my thumb, and because I was too sad to remove my last design.

I’m back with new nail art. You will probably recognize this design and that is because it’s totally inspired by Pshiiit Polish.

I totally fell in love with this design when I saw it on instagram and as I’ve been quite busy and I didn’t have any new and cool ideas for nail art I decided to recreate this awesome leaf pattern.

I have to tell it looks awesome on my nails and the fact that the design is matte is just perfection.

I promise I won’t be so absent this week. I hope I can keep it, I need to do so much stuff before going back to the uni-work rutine. I hope that for those of you that have gone back to work the summer was great and those who haven’t enjoy the last moments of freedom. Have an awesome day and happy polishing!

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Mani Swap with Lindsey from Wondrously Polished: Feather and Floral Nail Art

Happy Wednsesday! How is your week going? Enjoying the last weeks of your holida? I am making the most out of them before they finish.

As I told you in my last post I have a little surprise for you, I did a mani swap with the talented Lindsey from Wondrously Polished. I decided it would be a nice idea since we are on hiatus from the NAGG Challenge we have been doing together. We picked one of our designs and recreated it.

I decided to recreate Lindsey’s abstract feather design she did for The Digital Dozen does Monochrome. I fell in love with this design a long time ago, it’s cute, the colors look amazing and I really love it.

I painted the design over Snow White by Astor and to achieve similar colors to Lindsey’s original design I had to mix different greens and blues but I think it ended up looking quite color accurate.

The design looks amazing and although it took quite a long time to paint I’m really happy with the design.

Lindsey recreated one of the floral designs I did when times were rough and I needed to brighten things up with a floral neon design. Her recreation is flawless and I love the idea of mattifying the design it looks so well with neon and the neutral base.

It’s always really fun working with Lindsey, she is one of the most talented and nice people I know in the nail art community and you know I’m crazy about her amainzg florals.

I hope you liked this mani swap and both designs. Don’t forget to check her blog and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. Take a look at the original blog posts which are all linked on this post. Have a nice week and happy polishing!

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Doo weee doooo, Guess Who’s Back?

Hello lovelies! I know I’m late posting this but I didn’t actually see the episode until yesterday and I hadn’t had time until now to edit the photos for this design. I was quite busy tumblring and fangirling over the fact that the eigth season of Doctor Who begun on Sunday.

As you all know I’m a BIG Doctor Who fan and I couldn’t let the oportunity for some Doctor Who related nail art.

It’s just a simple and quick design. I did it in like 20 minutes but I really had to do something for the return of the best show ever, didn’t I? It’s just the ”theme song” over Storm by Zoya and the tardis using Blue Cara Ciao by Catrice.

Are you Doctor Who fans? What did you think of the new Doctor? I have to admit I loved every second of it.

Did you like this design? If you did don’t forget to check my other Doctor Who related nail designs here, enjoy fellow whovians. I’ll be back son with a little surprise for you all. I hope you have a nice rest of the day or night. Happy polishing!

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Turquoise Stone Nail Art

Hello guys! I’m back with a remake of an old design of mine. You might remember it from when I did the June Challenge last year. I decided it was time to take another try at the saran wrap techinique and as the last time I did it it turned out pretty well I decided to do the same.

I followed more or less the same steps as the last tim. I have a tutorial on this design if you want to check it out. Continue reading to know how to get a more realistic effect.

I decided to improve the design by painting the veins of the stone once I had done the background with the saran wrap technique. This way it looks more real and you can create the space for the golden spots.

I actually think this time the design looks better than when I last did it. Of course I’ve had some time to improve it don’t you think?


I hope you like this design and you try it yourself. It’s not hard just follow the tutorial adding this little improvement with a thin brush or toothpick and you will achieve this look.

I hope you have a nice day don’t forget to let me know if you are inspired by this design by tagging me on instagram #thenailartshow. Happy polishing!

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Strawberry Fields

Happy Friday everyone! I’m a bit busy these days with rehearsals and stuff with my choir. Summer is quite a busy period for us as we get lots of concerts but we are having an awesome time. Yesterday before the concert I had some time to do a little nail art.

I love strawberries and I had only painted them once for the Across the Universe design. I decided to try and paint some more starwberries and see how they turned out. I’m pretty pleased with how they ended up looking. Let’s see what you think.

It’s quite a simple design. In fact I didn’t even plan them out I just went for it straight away. Little red ovals and the green little bits. Not as neat as I would like but it was quite quick.

Although it’s not a perfect design I like it. It’s kind of cute and playful. I enjoy painting fruit on my nails, those who have beel following me already know that I have some other fruit inspired designs.

What do you think of fruit pattern designs? Would you wear them or not? I think they are perfect for summer, fresh and cute. I hope you have an amazing weekend. I’ll be back with a new design for the NAGG Challenge soon. Happy polishing!

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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go Challenge – Day 16: Doodles

Having a nice Monday? I’m back from my weekend of and after a good night sleep I’ve charged my batteries after late nights, swimmingpool and too much sun. As I told you just before leaving, today I have a new design for the NAGG Challenge.

The theme for day sixteen was doodles and I didn’t want to do the typical black doodle on a notebook background. Instead I went a bit out of the box and did a blackboard inspired design. Let’s see what you think?

I was one of those kids who couldn’t resist doodling on the blackboard when the teacher was not in class. In fact I still do it when I come across a blackboard. I thought it would make a great design for the theme.

I know that some time ago Ciate created some polishes and nail art pens to achieve this look. However I found it super easy to achieve this look without any special things. Just black base, any pastel or light color and a matte top coat. Anyone can have a blackboard on their nails. What would you draw on them if they were?

I hope you liked my idea for this theme of the challenge. If you have any questions about the design don’t hesitate and ask me. I’ll be happy to answer your questions right here on the comments, my instagram or however you like. I hope you have a nice week. Happy polishing!

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Trust Me I’m the Doctor by Polish Addict: Swatches and Nail Art

Hello nail art addicts and fellow whovians. It’s finally time to get this post out. You all know how I got the Doctor Who inspired collection of nail polishes by Polish Addict Nail Color quite a long time ago. I swatched and did nail art on all the colors and I have been waiting to have some time to put this post toether.

The collection consisted of six pastel holos (blue, yellow, purple, green, golden and pink) with names inspried by the show. On all the swatches I painted some nail art related to Doctor Who. I tried to make them relate to the names but that was a bit difficult so instead I did typical Doctor Who elements.

Trust Me I’m the Doctor, swatch and Tardis nail art

Bananas Are Good, swatch and Sonic Screwdriver nail art

Hello Sweetie, swatch and Cybermen nail art

Planet Gallifrey, swatch and Dalek nail art

Bad Wolf, swatch and Fez nail art

Are you my Mummy?, swatch and Adipose nail art

I love all the colors of the collection. Nearly all these swatches are only two coats, except maybe Bad Wolf and Bananas are Good as they are lighter colors. However as they all have glitter in them they are quite a pain to remove, but as they are all so pretty I didn’t mind it.  I really like the names although I think a big opportunity was missed by not naming the pink Rose Tyler. Besides that the formula is great and the colors are perfect.

This was my first time swatching and reviewing a collection of indie nail polish. It took me quite a long time to swatch and make nail art on all the colors but once I did it the effort was worth it. I had a wonderful time painting all the designs on these wonderful colors. You all know how much I like to wear my fandoms on my nails.

I hope you all like this post and all the nail art designs I did. For those of you who don’t know about Polish Addict you should check the site and get a hold of some nail polishes! Happy polishing!

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